We are connected to all accredited medical institutions in Korea, provide the most convenient and best services to our clients, and match them appropriate medical institutions and medical staffs. Also, we create and customize tour programs according to customers preferences. These tour programs will make your boring medical appointments enjoyable. Please make beautiful memories in beautiful Korea.


Appropriate medical cost comparison estimate


Consultation and reservation service before entering Korea


Pre-procedure/surgery advice and consultation, cost estimate and reservation service


Airport pick-up and hospital pick-up service


Visa Portal service for entry into Korea


Interpretation service


Problem solving service for patients


Accommodation reservation and Medical dispute resolution services


Optional Korean Wave tourism service

Medical Services

RnK Medi Tour is an organization certified by the Korean government for attracting foreign patients. We are doing our best to help foreign patients to discover the best hospital when they use Korean medical services.

01. Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic procedures/surgery, petit procedure/surgery, face/body lifting, obesity, liposuction.

⚫ Our team comprises medical staff who have recently appeared on the “Let me in (Let Beauty)” TV
program. We cover procedures for the nose, mouth, chin, face, chest, form, and hips, affiliated with
renowned domestic hospitals and clinics specializing in body procedures.
Dermatology: Laser treatment/surgery, hair implant, non-surgical treatment, and treatment for various
⚫ Our surgical treatment equipment is state-of-the-art, verified domestically and internationally, and
all surgical chemicals used are genuine.

02. Dentistry

General dentistry, Western dental clinic, implants, cosmetic dentistry (Lumineer Crown).

⚫ Korea’s dental medical care is world-class, and all dental treatments except for implants can be
completed within just two weeks. Ophthalmology: LASIK, LASEK, presbyopia surgery, and treatment for other eye diseases. All ophthalmological equipment is top-notch, and treatment costs are kept low.

03. Internal Medicine, Surgery

Diabetes, obesity surgery, breast cancer, hernia, other hormonal disorders, endoscopic laparoscopy, health screenings, varicose veins.

⚫ The average recovery period for medical/surgical procedures is 5 days. In particular, procedures such as gastrectomy or Roux-Y bypass surgery for obese diabetic patients can reduce the risk of diabetes and restore normal weight.

04. Women’s Department

Women’s examination, women’s cancer screening, pregnancy, contraception, women’s diseases, abortion, female vaginoplasty, female obesity clinic.

⚫ Our women’s surgery is delicate and world-class, and medical staff from overseas receive training in Korea.

05. Orthopedics

Spine, joint, and treatment for various diseases.

⚫ We specialize in pediatric orthopedics and various surgical procedures.

06. Ophthalmology

LASIK. LASEK. Ocular surgery and other ophthalmologic diseases

⚫ All the eye equipment is the best in the world and the cost of treatment is low.

07. Anti-aging/Anti-cancer Clinic and Others

NK (Natural Killer) immune cell treatment, stem cell treatment.

⚫ We culture autoimmune cells or stem cells for more than 2 weeks and inject them into the body. This method effectively suppresses cancer cell proliferation and other diseases with minimal side effects.

08. Other

Rare diseases, burn specialty hospital.

⚫ Surgery for varicose veins and tunnel syndrome is relatively simple. There are five hospitals
specializing in burns in Korea, all licensed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea.

09. Cancer Center

Heavy ion cancer treatment.

⚫ What is “Heavy Ion Cancer Therapy”?

It is an ultra-precise, cutting-edge medical technology that accelerates atoms of heavy elements such as carbon at 70% of the speed of light and irradiates energy to destroy cancer cells. This treatment causes no pain or side effects compared to existing chemical and radiotherapy treatments. It is called the “dream cancer treatment device” and is available in only six countries worldwide, including Korea.

⚫ Features of Heavy Ion Therapy?

1. Short treatment period: Treatment is completed within 3 to 6 weeks.

2. Treatment time: Preparation time is about 15 minutes, actual treatment time is about 2-3 minutes, and the number of treatments is once every 2-3 days, allowing it to be combined with daily life.

3. Painless treatment: It causes no pain or heat generation and has very few side effects.

4. Recognized cancer control effect: It is more effective than existing radiation therapy and can significantly reduce the total number of treatments.

5. Highest survival rate among existing cancer treatments: It effectively responds to cancers with poor prognosis and difficult-to-treat cancers such as pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and brain tumors.

6. Precision treatment targeting only cancer cells: It effectively responds to most cancers as it targets only specific tumors (cancer cells) without affecting healthy cells.

7. Minimal aftereffects: Excellent at killing cancer cells without surgery, with a low risk of recurrence and no external scars.

⚫ Heavy Ion Cancer Treatment Process?

1. Assessment consultation with RnK’s professional staff.

2. Submit the patient’s hospital records, medical certificate, and test data (Pet-CT, MRI, CT, etc.) to the hospital and request a review from a local heavy ion therapy cancer center specialist in Korea or Japan.

3. Confirm and notify whether treatment is possible at a local heavy ion therapy cancer center in Korea or Japan.

4. After signing a patient contract with RnK, open the Korean or Japanese medical visa portal.

5. Enter the country after discussing the treatment schedule with the patient.

6. After entering the country, undergo a checkup with your attending physician and proceed with cancer treatment.

7. Complete treatment, consult on results, and observe prognosis.

8. Return home after being cured.

*Following is one of our main Heavy ion cancer treatment partner: STYLE82 MEDICAL


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